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Find Avignon Activities & Family Fun Things to Do in Avignon
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Arts and Culture
Great Wines and Sites of the Rhône Valley
Great Wines and Sites of the Rhône Valley From C$147.96 per Adult
Sample some of the Rhône Valley's best local wines, direct from the winery. Your tour stops at several local sites as you make your way among the numerous wineries.
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Tours and Sightseeing
Tour to Les Baux and Arles
Tour to Les Baux and Arles From C$84.55 per Adult
See for yourself the medieval villages and Mediterranean landscapes that inspired Van Gogh on a tour to Les Baux and Arles.
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Nîmes and Uzès Tour
Nîmes and Uzès Tour From C$98.64 per Adult
Visit an architectural treasure trove at Nîmes, once the ancient ciy of Nemausus. Weave your way through the Roman amphitheatre and near-perfect temple built during the reign of Caesar Augustus. Continue to Uzès, a town bubbling with southern charm and authenticity.
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Provence One-Day Excursion
Provence One-Day Excursion From C$147.96 per Adult
Take in the wonders of Provence, from the famous Pont du Gard—the remains of a First Century Roman aqueduct—to the Lavender Museum and numerous charming villages in between.
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Avignon & Provence Tour
Avignon & Provence Tour From C$105.69 per Adult
The sites of Avignon and Provence are yours to explore! From the Palace of the Popes and Pont d'Avignon in Avignon to half-day tours throughout Provence, see it all in one day or spread your tour over several days.
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Treasures of Provence
Treasures of Provence From C$147.96 per Adult
From the Roman Triumphal Arch and Antic Theatre in Orange to a winery and sites made famous by Van Gogh, the best of Provence is yours to discover!
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Explore the Villages and Lavender Fields of Luberon
Explore the Villages and Lavender Fields of Luberon From C$84.54 per Adult
Luberon Regional Nature Park offers charm, picturesque hilltop villages, and fields of lavender—the symbolic flower of Provençe.
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Culinary Experiences
Chateaux & Domaines Excursion
Chateaux & Domaines Excursion From C$84.55 per Adult
For those with little time, but the desire to explore, spend a half day visiting local villages and family-owned wineries in the Rhône Valley.
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Travel Accessories
Fly Green with TerraPass
Fly Green with TerraPass From C$8.67 per Traveller
We all contribute to global warming. Now you can do something about it—easily and affordably. Join the more than 100,000 people who use TerraPass to balance out the global-warming impact of their flying, driving, and other energy use.
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